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ChatGPT, but it's everywhere

Thunderflow brings the power of AI to your computer and all your apps with the click of a button.

User Guide


Introduction to Thunderflow

In essence, Thunderflow is a wrapper built around OpenAI's large language GPT models. Whereas tools like ChatGPT are often conversation-oriented, Thunderflow allows you to interact with these models using the concept of "actions" – predefined prompts that you can trigger from anywhere in your system.

You can seamlessly trigger ChatGPT-style completions using shortcuts to manipulate any highlighted or clipboard text on your system. This effectively allows you to use GPT models directly over any application.

Thunderflow Overview

Features Overview

Universal Accessibility

  • Universal Shortcut: Use a simple shortcut to activate Thunderflow, making ChatGPT's power accessible across any application or text field.
  • Quick Actions Panel: Access predefined or custom quick actions directly on your clipboard content or highlighted text.

Customization and Flexibility

  • Custom Actions and Output Styles: Create actions tailored to your needs with predefined prompts and output styles.
  • Model Selection: Choose between GPT 3.5 and GPT-4.5 models depending on each action's need.

Real-Time Interaction

  • Streaming Outputs: Experience real-time integration as Thunderflow streams ChatGPT interactions directly into any text editor or input field.

Privacy and Security

  • Data Privacy: Thunderflow uses your OpenAI keys, so your interactions are never actually seen by Thunderflow. All previously run actions are stored locally and never leave your computer.

Platform Compatibility

  • Cross-Platform Support: Thunderflow is currently available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, with support for Linux coming soon.


Thunderflow is available for purchase through a one-time fee, providing a lifetime license. You'll need to use your own OpenAI API key – more info in the installation section.