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User Guide

Basic Usage

Quick Actions

Thunderflow’s Quick Actions are a fast and efficient way to apply AI-powered text manipulations. Access them through the Quick Actions panel (from the menu bar) or with the keyboard shortcut (defaults to Control+Shift+9 on Windows and Command+shift+9 on Mac).

Predefined Actions and Shortcuts

Setting Up Predefined Actions

  • Thunderflow comes with a set of predefined actions like text expansion, summarization, and more.
  • Access these actions through shortcuts, which you can customize in the settings.

Creating Custom Shortcuts

  • Go to the settings and navigate to the shortcuts section.
  • Assign new shortcuts to actions as per your preference for quicker access.

Custom Shortcuts

Actions vs Chats

  • Actions: Designed for specific tasks like translating text, correcting grammar, or generating code snippets.
  • Chats: For more conversational interactions, where you can ask questions or have discussions with ChatGPT.

Completions and Past Actions

  • Thunderflow records your past actions and completions.
  • You can continue a previous chat directly from this window.

Chat Actions